Workshop on Monitoring PhD Student Progress 

PhD Programme on Information and Communications Technology (Doc_TIC)

University of Vigo

Date: Monday, June 13, 2016

Place: “Salón de Grados” – EE de Telecomunicación




Opening: Prof. Iñigo Cuíñas Gómez, Head of the Telecommunication Engineering School
Prof. Carmen Garcia-Mateo, Coordinator of Doc_TIC PhD Programme


Poster Session 1 with spotlights

Chairperson: Carmen García Mateo



Poster Session 2 with spotlights 

Chairperson: María Soledad Torres Guijarro



Coffee break


Lecture by Invited Speaker

Prof. Bipin Indurkhya, Visiting Professor, Department of Computer Science, AGH University of Science and Technology, Kraków (Poland)

Chairperson: Prof. Juan C. Burguillo Rial

13:15 -14:30

Poster Session 3 with spotlights

Chairperson: Carlos Mosquera Nartallo


14:30 – 14:40




Invited Speaker 

Prof. Bipin Indurkhya

Visiting Professor, Department of Computer Science, AGH University of Science and Technology

Kraków (Poland)

Chairperson: Prof. Juan C. Burguillo Rial

Lecture Topic

Thought experiments, models, and the heuristic power of metaphors in science

 Lecture Abstract

Our goal here is to address the relationship between reality and scientific models, and the role of thought experiments and metaphors therein. We start with a critical examination of the methodologies of thought experiments, simulations and field experiments with respect to their epistemic status. We argue that thought experiments and simulations amount to within-model reasoning: the knowledge they yield is something that is implied by the assumptions of the model, though it may have a cognitive value to the scientist. Only field experiments, where the scientist directly interacts with the domain of investigation, result in new, added information about the environment. Then we apply the gestalt-projection model to articulate an interactive view of scientific experimentation, and show how it incorporates a model-dependent objectivity or realism. We elaborate on the cognitive role of thought experiments by noting that they allow us to consider a situation in alternate ways, thereby generating new ideas and hypotheses. We argue that, in this regard, thought experiments are closely related to metaphors, which provide a heuristic to increase our epistemic access to reality, and can be a source of creative insights.


Prof. Bipin Indurkhya did his Ph.D. in Computer Science from University of Massachusetts, Amherst (USA) in 1985. He spent about twelve years teaching at various universities in the US, most of which was at Boston University. After that he was at Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Japan for over eight years. He moved to IIIT-Hyderabad in India in 2004, where he established a Cognitive Science Lab. Since September 2011, he has been with the Jagiellonian University and AGH University of Science and Technology, both in Kraków, Poland.
His current research activities include visual metaphors, computational creativity, multimodal affective computing (especially the role of haptic stimuli), application of cognitive science to design intuitive interfaces, and developing technological tools for assisting cognition and communication for autistic and dyslexic children.


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Student Name Advisor(s) Committee 2016 Poster File Name
Boric, Miran Fernández Vila, Ana;
Rebeca Díaz Redondo
3 P_BoricMiran2016.pdf
Castro Jul, Fátima Rebeca P. Díaz Redondo;
Ana Fernández Vilas
3 P_CastroFatima2016.pdf
Cordeiro Leonor, Nuno Ricardo Manuel García Sánchez;
Rafael da Silva Caldeirinha
1 P_CordeiroNuno2016.pdf
El Haj Ahmed , Ghofrane Felipe Gil Castiñeira;
Enrique Costa Montenegro
1 P_ElHajGhofrane2016.pdf
España Villegas, Carmelo Branimir Caeiro Rodríguez, Manuel 3 P_EspanaCarmelo2016.pdf
Expósito Perez, Isabel García Sánchez, Manuel;
Cuíñas Gómez Iñigo
4 P_ExpositoIsabel2016.pdf
Fernández Domingos, Elías Burguillo Rial, Juan Carlos 1 P_FernandezElias2016.pdf
García Rois, Juan F. Javier González Castaño;
Beatriz Lorenzo Veiga
3 P_GarciaJuan2016.pdf
Meira Ferrao Luis, Ricardo Manuel Martín Llamas Nistal 1 P_MeiraRicardo2016.pdf
Mhiri , Saber F. Javier González Castaño 4 P_MhiriSaber2016.pdf
Naghar, Azzeddin Ana Vázquez Alejos;
Otman Agzhout
3 P_NagharAzzeddin2016.pdf
Nocelo López, Rubén María Verónica Santalla del Río 4 P_NoceloRuben2016.pdf
Tato Arias, Anxo Mosquera Nartallo, Carlos 4 P_TatoAnxo2016.pdf

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Student Name Advisor(s) Committee 2016 Poster File Name
García Novo, Fernando García Mateo, Carmen 3 P_GarciaFernando2016.pdf
Lemos Cid, Edgar Ana Vázquez Alejos;
Manuel García Sánchez
2 P_LemosEdgar2016.pdf
Moure Fernández, María del Rocío Mónica Fernández Barciela 3 P_MoureRocio2016.pdf
Namaziesfanjani, Mina Pérez González, Fernando 4 P_ NamaziesfanjaniMina2016.pdf
Oya Díez, Simón Fernando Pérez González 4 P_OyaSimon2016.pdf
Ramos Merino, Mateo Luis Modesto Álvarez Sabucedo;
Juan Manuel Santos Gago
4 P_RamosMateo2016.pdf
Saiáns Vázquez, José Víctor Martín López Nores;
Yolanda Blanco Fernández
3 P_SaiansJose2016.pdf
Sánchez López, Sheila Lucero Díaz Redondo, Rebeca Pilar;
Fernández Vilas, Ana
4 P_SanchezSLucero2016.pdf
Santos Domínguez, David  Torres Guijarro, María Soledad 2 P_SantosDavid2016.pdf
Silva Leal, Fátima Manuela Da Juan Carlos Burguillo Rial 4 P_SilvaFatima2016.pdf
Soares Pinto, Helder Rodrigo  Llamas Nistal, Martín 2 P_SoaresHelder2016.pdf
Valladares Rodríguez, Sonia María Luis Anido Rifón;
Manuel Fernández Iglesias
3 P_ValladaresSonia2016.pdf

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Student Name Advisor(s) Committee 2016 Poster File Name
Arriba Pérez, Francisco de Manuel Caeiro Rodríguez;
Juan Manuel Santos Gago
2 P_ArribaFrancisco2016.pdf
Castro Lopes Martins Pinto Ferreira, Maria Isabel de Alba Castro,José Luis 1 P_CastroIsabel2016.pdf
Cerezo Costas, Héctor Fco. Javier González Castaño 1 P_CerezoHector2016.pdf
Domínguez Martínez, María Jesús Fernández Iglesias, Manuel J.,
Alvarez Sabucedo, Luis
1 P_DominguezMJesus2016.pdf
Hmila , Mariem Manuel Fernández Veiga 2 P_HmilaMariem2016.pdf
Mouriño García, Marcos Antonio Luis Anido Rifón  1 P_MourinoMarcos2016.pdf
Nuevo Castro, Gregorio Felipe Gil Castiñeiras 2 P_NuevoGregorio2016.pdf
Parada Loira, Francisco Alba Castro,José Luis 1 P_ParadaFrancisco2016.pdf
Pedrouzo Ulloa, Alberto Fernando Pérez González 2 P_PedrouzoAlberto2016.pdf
Pellitero Rivero, Alexandre Enrique Costa Montenegro 1 P_PelliteroAlexandre2016.pdf
Pérez Cabo, Daniel  Pérez González, Fernando;
González Jiménez, Daniel
2 P_PerezDaniel2016.pdf

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Student Name Advisor(s) Committee 2016 Poster File Name
Álvarez López,Tamara Costas Montenegro, Enrique 1 P_AlvarezTamara2016.pdf
Bravo Quezada, Omar Gustavo Yolanda Blanco Fernández;
Manuel Ramos Cabrer
1 P_BravoOmar2016.pdf
Cabrera Mejía, Javier Bernardo Fernández Veiga, Manuel 3 P_CabreraJavier2016.pdf
Egas Acosta, Carlos Enrique Costa Montenegro 2 P_EgasCarlos2016.pdf
Espozo Espinoza, Juan Eloy Fernández Veiga, Manuel 1 P_EspozoJEloy2016.pdf
Estévez Costas, Andrés Felipe Gil Castiñeira 4 P_EstevezAndres2016.pdf
Fernandes Caiña, Miguel Rebeca P. Díaz Redondo;
Fernández Vilas, Ana
2 P_FernandesMiguel2016.pdf
García Vélez, Roberto Agustín Martín López Nores;
José Juan Pazos Arias
4 P_GarciaRoberto2016.pdf
González Nespereira, Celia Rebeca P. Díaz Redondo
Fernández Vilas, Ana
2 P_GonzalezCelia2016.pdf
Magariños Iglesias, María Del Carmen Eduardo Rodríguez Banga 1 P_MagarinosCarmen2016.pdf
Mera Iglesias, Moisés José Luis Alba Castro 2 P_MeraMoises2016.pdf
Ordóñez Morales, Esteban Yolanda Blanco Fernández;
Martín López Nores
4 P_OrdonezEsreban2016.pdf
Pérez Cabo, David Manuel Sobreira Seoane;
Hans Elias de Bree
3 P_PerezDavid2016.pdf
Rieiro Tomé, Hector José Luis Alba Castro;
Stephen L. Macknik
3 P_RieiroHector2016.pdf
Rodríguez González, Francisco Javier Cristina López Bravo;
Enrique Costa Montenegro
3 P_RodriguezFJavier2016.pdf
Román Portabales, Antón  López Nores, Martín 2 P_RomanAnton2016.pdf
Ronda Lourenço, Justino Fernández Veiga, Manuel 2 P_RondaJustino2016.pdf
Santana Mancilla, Pedro César Anido Rifón, Luis 1 P_SantanaPedro2016.pdf
Severiche Maury, Zurisaddai de la Cruz  Fernández Vilas, Ana;
Díaz Redondo, Rebeca P.
4 P_SevericheZurisaddai2016.pdf
Vagarinho, Joao Llamas Nistal, Martín 4 P_VagarinhoJoao2016.pdf
Vásquez Vásquez, Manuel Gualberto Burguillo Rial, Juan Carlos 3 P_VasquezManuel2016.pdf

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Evaluation Procedure Academic year 2015-2016

Approved by the Academic Committee

General Considerations:

  1. This activity is compulsory for all the students enrolled in the academic year 2015-2016.
  2. The working language is English.
  3. A rubric for evaluation is approved by the Academic Committee of the PhD programme (CA-Doc_TIC). This rubric will be used for all students. Nevertheless, evaluation committees will take into consideration the actual dedication of the students: Full- time students, Part-time students, etc. This rubric is in Annex 1.
  4. This rubric will be completed by the Evaluation Committee, and by the advisor(s) of the thesis. In case of more than one advisor, all advisors must agree on a single rubric.
  5. The Evaluation Committee will propose a Score to the Academic Committee of the PhD Program. CA-Doc_TIC will be in charge of delivering the final score.
  6. There will be four  Evaluation Committees:

Committee no 1

  • Antonio Pena Giménez
  • Rebeca Díaz Redondo
  • Manuel Caeiro Rodríguez

Committee no 2

  • Edita de Lorenzo Rodríguez
  • Carlos Mosquera Nartallo
  • Juan Carlos Burguillo Rial

Committe no3

  • Pedro S. Rodríguez Hernández
  • Inés García-Tuñón Blanca
  • Manuel Ramos Cabrer

Committe no4

  • Cristina López Bravo
  • María Soledad Torres
  • Manuel Fernández Veiga


7. Each student will be assigned to one of the evaluation committees. This assignment is made by the CA-Doc_TIC.


Evaluation procedure and calendar:

  1. All students must prepare a poster. The pdf file of the poster must be uploaded to the faitic server by 14:00 (CET) of Monday, June 6, 2016. Doc_TIC will be in charge of the printing of the poster for those students who will attend the session.
  2. Those students unable to attend the workshop will contact the Doc_TIC coordinator ( ) by Monday, May 16, 2016 explaining the reason for his/her absence. Upon acceptance, one member of the corresponding evaluation committee will contact the student in order to set up an appointment by Skype. The students will receive the instructions about how the evaluation will be conducted. These students do not have to send the slide.
  3. The advisors must upload one rubric by Monday, June 6, 2016.
  4. Students attending the evaluation day must send one slide of the poster presentation (just 1 page in landscape orientation) by 14:00 (CET) of Thursday, June 9, 2016
  5. The evaluation by the committees will take place during the poster session of the workshop (Monday, June 13, 2016).
  6. The evaluation committees will deliver the score by June 23, 2016 to the CA-Doc_TIC. Those students who fail will be granted with a two-week period to correct the observed deficiencies. Final scores will be delivered to the CA-Doc_TIC by July 15, 2016.
  7. There will be 1 Best Poster Award that will be selected based on student voting.


Instructions for the preparation of the material


  • Poster orientation should be portrait (vertical).
  • Poster size should be A0 (841 mm x 1189 mm).
  • The title should be ideally in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, 72 pt. font. Author, Thesis Advisor(s) and affiliation  should be in 42 pt. font
  • Use colour for highlighting and to make your poster attractive.
  • Use pictures, diagrams, figures, etc., rather than only text wherever possible.
  • Minimum font size for all text: 24 pt.
  • Sections to be included:
    • Motivation of the work
    • Thesis Objectives
    • Research Plan
    • Results & Discussions (if available yet)
    • Next Year Planning



At the beginning of each Poster session, the students will have the opportunity to show 1 (ONE) slide in landscape orientation MAXIMUM to focus attention on the topic of their poster.  Please note that this slide is not meant to cover the whole research, BUT ONLY HIGHLIGHT THE MAJOR GOALS OF THE THESIS WORK.

This slide (in a pdf file) must be uploaded to the faitic server.


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