PhD Programme in Information and Communications Technology 

from the University of Vigo 


The following sections provide extracts of the program's report that yielded to the the verification of DocTIC according to the requirements in Royal Decree 99/2011.

DocTIC arises in 2013 from the proposal of ten research groups in the School of Telecommunications Engineering, all of them belonging to atlanTTic Research Centre. DocTIC involves the merging and expansion of the current PhD Programmes in Signal Theory and Communications (TSC) and Telematics Engineering, both with mention to the excellence. In addition to initial accreditation in 2013, the program underwent follow-up evaluation processes in 2016 and evaluation for accreditation renewal in 2020. The processes were successful. In order to comply with the improvement actions derived from these evaluation processes, a modification of the program's report was approved in June 2022.

In the Academic Committee of DocTIC  all of the research groups are represented by a member and a substitute. Its membership is as follows:

 Group  Member  Substitute
 GTM +LBC  María Soledad Torres Guijarro  José Luis Alba Castro
 SR  Verónica Santalla del Río  Manuel García Sánchez
 GPSC  Roberto López Valcarce  Pedro Comesaña Alfaro
 GDAF +COM  Mónica Fernández Barciela  Antonio García Pino
 NetLab + IC Lab  Ana Fernández Vilas  Manuel Fernández Veiga
 GSSI  Alberto Gil Solla  Yolanda Blanco Fernández 
 GIST  Juan Manuel Santos Gago  Luis Álvarez Sabucedo
 GTI  Cristina López Bravo (*)  Felipe Gil Castiñeira
 NetLab  Miguel Rodríguez Pérez (**)  Sergio Herrería Alonso







Updated on December 11, 2024

(*) Chair

(**) Secretary