Workshop: Ethics in research


Target audience: PhD students and supervisors from DocTIC programme

Goal: The aim of this workshop is to present, discuss and solve different ethical dilemmas researchers may find in their daily work.

Format: Hybrid face-to-face/online

Place:  EE Telecomunicación/ online platform

Calendar and timetable: May 24, 2023, from 15:00-19:00.


  • Yannis Dimitriadis, Full Professor of Telematics Engineering, ex-Dean of the Doctoral School of Universidad de Valladolid, Spain. He served as professor of Research Methodology in the doctoral program of ICT for more than 20 years and carried out international workshops and research on doctoral education. He has led more than 50 competitive R&D projects and co-authored more than 115 journal and 230 conference papers.
  • Gustavo Zurita is a Full Professor in the Management Control and Information Systems Department at the Universidad de Chile, Chile. He has a significant publication history in international conferences and journals, such as Computers & Education, Journal of Computer Assisted Learning, British Journal of Educational Technology, and Educational Technology and Society. He also serves as an editorial board member for the Journal for STEM Education Research and IEEE-TLT.
  • Claudio Alvarez is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Universidad de los Andes, Chile. His publications can be found in several journals, including the Journal of Computing in Higher Education, Computers and Education, Computers in Human Behavior, the Journal of Systems and Software, and Personal and Ubiquitous Computing. He is currently serving as an Associate Editor of IEEE-TLT, and as an organizing committee member of CollabTech and mis4TEL 2023 conferences.

Language: English


First part (13:00-15:00):

  • Instructors introduce the workshop, its contents, participants, and mechanics.
  • Participants work in 5 steps on a case focused on ethical dilemmas in research supported by EthicApp, a software application developed by Universidad de Chile
  • Participants provide and eventually justify and revise their decision regarding the ethical dilema, individually and collaboratively. Later, they provide their decision assuming the role of the ethics committee, after having been exposed to a short extract of a code of conduct
  • Participants discuss with the instructors the case and the associated ethical dilemma in research and draw conclusions and lessons learnt, as related to their own experience.

Second part (17:00-19:00):

  • Participants review and eventually discuss several additional real-world cases of ethical dilemmas in research, as they are associated to their own doctoral research practice.
  • Instructors critically present and discuss ethical principles in research based on international codes of conduct, such as ALLEA, with special attention on fraud and plagiarism.

Access: Attendants should register in Moovi online platform by May 12 (this Friday).


Before the workshop, the attendants are required to complete to create an EthicApp account before the workshop and answer a Moral Foundation Questionnaire

DocTIC would provide a participation diploma to those attendants who effectively participate in the workshop.