Vehicle-to-X communication using millimeter waves

Prof. Nuria González Prelcic
Friday, February 10, 2017 - 12:59

One of the top trends driving the automotive industry is the increasing automation level in the vehicles to enhance road safety and improve traffic efficiency. To achieve higher automation levels, next generation vehicles are being equipped with more and more sensors. High data rate connectivity seems critical to allow vehicles exchanging all these sensor data to enlarge their sensing range and make better safety related decisions. Sensor data rates, however, are quite high, with terabytes of data generated per hour. Dedicated short-range communication (DSRC) permits vehicles to exchange messages (including basic sensor information) with a range up to 1000 meter (ideally), but the maximum data rate supported in practice is at most 2-6 Mbps. Vehicle to vehicle (V2V) communication through D2D mode in LTE-A supports higher data rates than DSRC (up to 1Gbps), but practical rates are limited to several Mbps by inaccurate channel state information (CSI). Therefore, current vehicular communication solutions do not support the required Gbps data rates. In this presentation we argue that millimeter wave will be an essential ingredient for V2X (vehicle-to-everything) communication. The use of mmWave provides access to high bandwidth communication channels, leading to the potential for the required gigabit per second data rates. Powerful active safety-related applications with improved automation capability are enabled by high data rate vehicle connectivity, since cars can communicate in non line-of-sight conditions, for example around corners, and obtain sensor data from another cars High bandwidth connected vehicles allow other applications such as cloud driven autonomous driving, video streaming or on-board online gaming. In this talk we also identify several key challenges that need to be addressed to unlock the potential for mmWave in vehicular communication systems.


Nuria González-Prelcic is Associate Professor in the Signal Theory and Communications Department, University of Vigo, Spain. She has co-authored more than 20 journal and conference papers in the last two years in the topic of signal processing for MIMO communication, especially mmWave communication. She has also co-authored a tutorial IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Signal  Processing on mmWave MIMO and was also a guest editor for the same special issue. She is associate editor for the IEEE Transactions  on Wireless Communications. She has co-organized with Prof. Robert Heath two special sessions on mmWave communications at  SPAWC 2015 and Asilomar 2016, and delivered a tutorial on SP for mmWave MIMO at GLOBECOM 2016. She is currently organizing a summer school on signal processing for 5G sponsored by the IEEE SP society ( and will deliver a tutorial on sparse signal processing and MIMO during ICASSP 2017.