KA-107: Universidade de Vigo – Vietnam

(Project Number: 2018-1-ES01-KA107-049274 )

Grant Recipients


1. Target groups

This mobility project focuses exclusively on the following two target groups: (i) academic staff and (ii) PhD students.

The academic staff should fulfill the following requirements (eligibility criteria):

  • Be enrolled, associated or working (fulltime) in one of the aforementioned institutions at the time of submitting their application.
  • Have a doctoral diploma.
  • Be advisors at a Doctoral Programme in the aforementioned institutions which is related with the following research areas: Computer Science; Digital Communications; Data Networks; Radio Communications; and Signal Processing.

The PhD students should fulfill the following requirement (eligibility criteria):

  • Be enrolled in one of  the aforementioned institutions at the time of submitting their application.

2. Mobilities distribution & grants

This mobility project offers the following available scholarships for the academic year 2018-2019:

  • 2 PhD students from HCMUT will come to UVIGO for 5 months
  • 1 PhD student from HUST will come to UVIGO for 5 months
  • 1 teaching staff from HUST will come to UVIGO for 7 days (5 days + 2 travel days)

Each PhD beneficiary will receive a monthly payment of 850 €; whereas the academic staff will receive 160 €/day. Additionally, each beneficiary will receive 1500 euros for travel costs.

3. Fields of study

The research activities to be developed during the grant period at the host institution should be aligned with the ICT (Information and Communication Technology) field and, more specifically, with the following thematic fields:

  • Architecture and Telematics Services;
  • Communication Electronics;
  • Data Networks;
  • Digital Communications;
  • Radio Communications; and
  • Signal Processing.

4. Schedule



1- Application

 Deadline  15th September 2019

2- Evaluation & selection of candidates

  Deadline 30th September 2019

3- Publication of the results

 1st October 2019

4- Acceptance of the grant

Deadline 15th October 2019

5- Mobility period

From 16th October 2019 to 31st July, 2020

Table 1: Schedule for applicants

5. How to apply?

The applicants will be asked to submit, together with the Application Form, a digital copy of several documents (summary in Table 2). The candidate is responsible for submitting all mandatory documents; otherwise the application will be immediately excluded.


PhD students

Academic Staff

Formal identity document/passport






Enrolment statement (students) or full time working conditions statement (staff) at home institution



Obtained degrees

(Doctoral Diploma for academic staff, Master and/or Bachelor degrees for PhD students, English or Spanish)



Declaration of honor



Transcript of records (English or Spanish)



Language skills (English)



Invitation letter from the host institution



Brief summary of the foreseen activities at the host institution



Table 2 Summary of the documents to submmit with the application form

The application form and the required scanned copies should be submitted by email to this address (doc_tic@uvigo.es), with the keyword [KA107] at the beginning of the subject of the email.


6. Evaluation and selection process

The submissions that entail a mobility flow with HCMUT will be assessed by an international committee composed of 2 academic staff from UVIGO and 2 academic staff from HCMUT. The submissions that entail a mobility flow with HUST will be assessed by an international committee composed of 2 academic staff from UVIGO and 2 academic staff from HUST. All the applications will be assessed according to the following criteria:

·       Academic merit (up to 75%): transcript of records, quality and relevance, project proposal, teaching/working experience, etc.

·       Others aspects (up to 25%): language skills, etc.

As a result of the assessment process, three lists will be available: (i) selected beneficiaries; (ii) reserve lists, and (iii) no-eligible beneficiaries.


7. Acceptance process

All the selected candidates will send an acceptance document (signed) to the same email address used for submitting the applications (doc_tic@uvigo.es, with the keyword [KA107] at the beginning of the subject of the email).

This document has to be received by 15th September 2019. Those selected candidates who do not send this acceptance document, will be excluded and the reserve list will be used.

8. Documents

9. List of grant recipients

Staff Positions:

PhD Positions :