Detection of crowd dynamics anomalies: a social-based approach

Prof. Rebeca P. Díaz Redondo
Friday, February 17, 2017 - 12:59

Nowadays, citizens can be considered as sensors in motion. By using their mobile devices (i.e., smart phones, tablets) they actively participate in social networks by sharing not only their subjective impressions but also other objective metadata (like time or location). The pervasive use
of these technologies have entailed the availability of large amounts of this dynamic and continuously updated user-generated content whose analysis rewards across several application
domains, from business to social science. The massive adoption of these services entails the availability of large amounts of geographical and social data whose spatio-temporal analysis
provides an accurate characterization of communities’ behaviour. In this research seminar we will focus this analysis to infer movements of collectives in the cities.


Rebeca is a PhD Telecommunications Engineer and work as Associate Professors at the University of Vigo. Her research interests have evolved from the application of semantic reasoning techniques
in the field of Interactive Digital TV applications to other content characterization techniques based on collaborative labelling. She currently works on applying social mining and data analysis
techniques to characterize the behaviour of users and communities to design solutions in learning, smart cities and business areas. Rebeca has participated in more than 25 projects and 15 works of
technological transfer through contracts with companies and/or public institutions. The results of her research work were disseminated through more than 30 articles published in JCR-labelled
magazines. She is currently involved in the scientific and technical activities of several national and European research & educative projects.